No more publications recently, partly because of personal problems. The aim is to take a break also. I focused recently on the creation of a VPS, Virtual Private server, to host OpenVPN.

The Unix environment is quite challenging for me since the last time I used command lines was in the early 90’s while being a child. I was using MS-DOS and GW-BASIC.

Now, the only commands I know are ssh root, apt-get, ls, exit. Not a lot. I stopped studying Romanian for a while and cancelled my stay in Chisinau, Moldova.

Apple, l’UE et l’optimisation fiscale

Différents documents sur l’affaire récente :

Condamnation européenne :

Article de Macbidouille sur la condamnation européenne :

Réponse de Tim Cook aux accusations européennes :

Article de Macbidouille sur la réponse de Tim Cook à la demande européenne de remboursement des taxes non perçues:

Article du site Macbidouille sur la réponse de l’UE à la déclaration de Tim cook:

SDR / Keiser Report

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the new M-SDR and ask: Will the dollar live to die another day? And are SDRs forever? As the G20 in China concludes, they ask whether the new Special Drawing Right is the first step toward one world currency. In the second half, Max interviews Dan Collins of about yuan internationalization and China’s quantum satellite.

I already posted about SDR several times.

Link 1 / Link 2