Economy of France and Germany with high inflation within the EU.

I published a lot of post about the advance and supremacy of the German economy compared to France a few years ago. My blog had been created in 2013. I explained that Germany has more industry than France and that its economy was performing better. German people are really against inflation given their awful history with inflation during the Weimar Republic and the 1929 financial crisis consequences. They were in fact very important supporters of the strong euro and low inflation target of 2% with the policy of the ECB.

But, and this is a big ‘but’… If Germany was performing well with low inflation and a strong industry, with energy supplies problems with the Ukraine war, and with high inflation, the situation is the contrary now. France do not have a strong industry, we have our own nuclear plants, our own electricity (which Germany and the EU is trying to steal from France, and we’re gonna see who is winning but France is not gonna give out his electrical power easily), and guess what ?

We are performing well with high inflation, our growth is good compared to Germany. We sell our weapons abroad. This, in fact, is comforting me in the belief that France model is completely fit to high inflation environment, which used to be our environment before the strong Franc policy to prepare the Euro. Our economy is not performing well with low inflation. With higher inflation we are ok.

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