very personal philosophical thought : property vs use, modern dilemn of owning thing or feeling satisfied with the right to use thing without bearing the right to own them…

I remember very well this chat in the train, I was explaining to this guy why it was better to own things rather than having the right to use it ! I had an immediate response … comparing owning of numerical data with the french word “patrimoine” (property, estate in english). I just realized how pityful was my idea.

During this lecture in Université Jean Moulin Lyon, I was advised to read an old book dealing with property vs unlimited right to access and use vast amount of data.

Bruce sterling or “Island in the net” was already dealing with this modern dilemna.

to have or to use, that is the question…

Have you ever felt disappointed with a new purchase ??? Feelings and experiences are a more effective journey to happiness than property. And we can enjoy feelings and experiences from something even if we’re just currently renting it.

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