Investopedia website, a nice way to understand financial jargon

While translating an international man newsletter from english into french, I happened to be puzzled with financial expression such as :

“Green Shoots”

“Shovel ready jobs”

Given the absence of such expression in the mainstream (and non-specialized) website (the one my supervisor told me to use when I was working in the European parliament), I googled those expression and I found out about an apparently interesting website for anyone who want to understand the financial jargon.

According to them …

“Green shoots” is A term used to describe signs of economic recovery or positive data during an economic downturn. The term green shoots is a reference to plant growth and recovery, and has been used during down economies to describe signs of similar growth.

And …

“Shovel ready jobs” = Shovel ready is A term widely used by President Barack Obama to describe a construction project that could be started as soon as it received funding. A truly “shovel-ready” project should already be planned and permitted. This term is typically used to describe infrastructure projects such as improvements to roads, bridges, highways and public transportation.

Those are interesting explanation, aren’t they ?

Thus, please browse this amazing website about financial jargon…

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