Importante bibliographie à propos de la crise économique et financière de 2008-2009

Vous trouverez ci-dessous 770 ouvrages tirés de l’importante collection “the financial and economic crisis”, c’est à dire un regroupement de 22 dossiers comprenant des ouvrages électroniques sous forme PDF ou epub à propos de la finance. J’ai déjà parlé de cette base documentaire considérable dans un post concernant bittorent.

Zweig – The Little Book of Safe Money; How to Conquer Killer Markets, Con Artists, and Yourself (2010)

Zuckoff – Ponzi’s Scheme; the True Story of a Financial Legend (2005)

Zerzan – Running on Emptiness; the Pathology of Civilization (2002)

Zandi – Financial Shock; A 360° Look at the Subprime Mortgage Implosion (2009)

Yu & Xu (Eds.) – From Crisis to Recovery; East Asia Rising Again (2001)

Xiaoxi & Biliang (Eds.) – China’s New Deal; Economic Development under International Financial Crisis (2011)

Wright – One Nation Under Debt; Hamilton, Jefferson, and the History of What We Owe (2008)

World Economic and Social Survey 2008; Overcoming Economic Insecurity (UN, 2008)

World Bank – Global Economic Prospects; Crisis, Finance, and Growth (2010)

Wood – The Commercial Real Estate Tsunami; a Survival Guide for Lenders, Owners, Buyers, and Brokers (2010)

Wolfson – Financial Crises; Understanding the Postwar U.S. Experience (1986)

Wolf – Fixing Global Finance (2010)

Williams & Elliott – Crisis and Recovery; Ethics, Economics and Justice (2010)

Williams – Uncontrolled Risk; The Lessons of Lehman Brothers and how Systemic Risk can Still Bring Down the World Financial System (2010)

Will et al (Eds.) – How They Got Away with It; White Collar Criminals and the Financial Meltdown (2013)

Wijnholds – Fighting Financial Fires; an IMF Insider’s Account (2011)

Wiedemer – The Aftershock Investor; a Crash Course in Staying Afloat in a Sinking Economy (2012)

Wiedemer – Aftershock; Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown, 2e (2011)

White – Accepting the Invisible Hand; Market-based Approaches to Social-Economic Problems (2010)

Wheelan – Naked Economics; Undressing the Dismal Science (2010)

Whalen – Inflated; How Money and Debt Built the American Dream (2011)

Werthers (ed.) – Europe; Financial Crisis and Security Issues (2011)

Wells (Ed.) – Fraud Casebook; Lessons from the Bad Side of Business (2007)

Wells (Ed.) – Financial Statement Fraud Casebook; Baking the Ledgers and Cooking the Books (2011)

Weissman – Sold Out; How Wall Street and Washington Betrayed America (2009)

Weiss – Born to Steal; When the Mafia Hit Wall Street (2003)

Weiner – So Smart but..; How Intelligent People Lose Credibility, and How They Can Get it Back (2007)

Wehn et al (Eds.) – Rethinking Valuation and Pricing Models; Lessons Learned from the Crisis and Future Challenges (2013)

Weatherall – The Physics of Wall Street; a Brief History of Predicting the Unpredictable (2013)

Waxler – Stocking Up on Sin; How to Crush the Market with Vice-Based Investing (2004)

Warren & Tyagi – The Two-Income Trap; Why Middle-Class Parents Are Going Broke (2003)

Warren – Homebuyers Beware (2009)

Ward – The Devil’s Casino; Friendship, Betrayal, and the High-Stakes Games Played Inside Lehman Brothers (2010)

Ward – A Disposition to Be Rich; How a Small-Town Pastor’s Son Ruined and American President, Brought on a Wall Street Crash, .. (2012)

Walsh – You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man; How Ponzi Schemes and Pyramid Frauds Work (2003)

Wallison – Privatizing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Home Loan Banks; Why and How (2004)

Wallach – Protecting Clients from Fraud, Incompetence and Scams (2010)

Wall Street and the Financial Crisis; Anatomy of a Financial Collapse (U.S. Senate, 2013)

Waldfogel – The Tyranny of the Market; Why You Can’t Always Get What You Want (2007)

Waggoner – Bailout; What the Rescue of Bear Stearns and the Credit Crisis Mean for Your Investments (2008)

Waggoner – Bailout; What the Rescue of Bear Stearns and the Credit Crisis Mean for Your Investments (2008) 2

Vradis & Dalakoglou – Revolt and Crisis in Greece; Between a Present Yet to Pass and a Future Still to Come (2011)

von Braun – Food and Financial Crises (2008)

Vogel – Financial Market; Bubbles and Crashes (2010)

Vines – Market Panic; Wild Gyrations, Risks and Opportunities in Stock Markets (2003)

Verma (Ed.) – Recession and Its Aftermath; Adjustments in the United States, Australia, and the Emerging Asia (2013)

Ventura & Reed – Good Advice for a Bad Economy (2001)

Vaughan-Whitehead – Work Inequalities in the Crisis; Evidence from Europe (2011)

Varoufakis – The Global Minotaur; America, the True Origins of the Financial Crisis and the Future of the World Economy (2011)

Vandekerckhove – Responsible Investment in Times of Turmoil (2011)

Underhill – Global Financial Integration Thirty Years On; From Reform to Crisis (2010)

UN – The Global Economic Crisis Systemic Failures and Multilateral Remedies (2009)

UN – The Global Economic and Financial Crisis, Regional Impacts, Responses and Solutions (2009)

Turner – The Credit Crunch; Housing Bubbles, Globalisation and the Worldwide Economic Crisis (2008)

Turk & Rubino – The Money Bubble; What to Do Before It Pops (2013)

Tuckett – Minding the Markets; an Emotional Finance View of Financial Instability (2011)

Triana – Lecturing Birds on Flying (2009)

Tremonti – Exit Strategy; Ending the Tyranny of Finance (2012)

Treadway – Investing in the Age of Sovereign Defaults; How to Preserve Your Wealth in the Coming Crisis (2013)

Travers – Hedge Fund Analysis; an In-Depth Guide to Evaluating Return Potential and Assessing Risks (2012)

Trahan – The Era of Uncertainty; Global Investment Strategies for Inflation, Deflation, and the Middle Ground (2011)

Tobocman – Understanding the Crash (2010)

Tilman – Financial Darwinism; Create Value or Self-Destruct in a World of Risk (2009)

Thomas – The Financial Crisis and Federal Reserve Policy (2011)

The Squam Lake Report; Fixing the Financial System (2010)

The Money Trick (The Institute of Economic Democracy,1982)

The Jobs Crisis; Household and Government Responses to the Great Recession in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (WB, 2011)

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report; Final Report of the National Commission on the Causes of the Financial and Economic Crisis (2011)

The Financial and Economic Crisis; A Decent Work Response (ILO, 2009)

The Economist – After the Storm; How to Make the Best of Recovery (October3-9, 2009)

Tavakoli – Dear Mr. Buffett; What an Investor Learns 1269 Miles from Wall Street (2009)

Tarpley – Surviving the Cataclysm; Your Guide through the Worst Financial Crash in History (1999)

Talbott – Contagion; the Financial Epidemic That Is Sweeping the Global Economy.. and How to Protect Yourself from It (2009)

Talani – The Global Crash; Towards a New Global Financial Regime (2010)

Taibbi – Griftopia; Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America (2010)

Taibbi – Griftopia; a Story of Bankers, Politicians, and the Most Audacious Power Grab in American History (2010)

Swarup – Money Mania; Booms, Panics, and Busts from Ancient Rome to the Great Meltdown (2014)

Suzuki – Japan’s Financial Slump; Collapse of the Monitoring System under Institutional and Transition Failures (2011)

Sun, Stewart & Pollard (Eds.) – Corporate Governance and the Global Financial Crisis (2011)

Summa – Trading Against the Crowd; Profiting from Fear and Greed in Stock, Futures, and Options Markets (2004)

Strober – Catastrophe; the Story of Bernard L. Madoff, the Man Who Swindled the World (2009)

Stowell – Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, and Private Equity, 2e (2013)

Stowell – An Introduction to Investment Banks, Hedge Funds & Private Equity (2010)

Stoneman & Schulz – Brokerage Fraud; What Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know (2002)

Stiglitz – The Stiglitz Report; Reforming the International Monetary and Financial Systems in the Wake of the Global Crisis (2010)

Stiglitz – Freefall; America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy (2010)

Stiegler – For a New Critique of Political Economy (2010)

Stevens – Rich Is a Religion; Breaking the Timeless Code to Wealth (2008)

Stein – Stochastic Optimal Control and the U.S. Financial Debt Crisis (2012)

Staheli – Spectacular Speculation; Thrills, the Economy, and Popular Discourse (2013)

Spitzer – Government’s Place in the Market (2011)

Spall – How to Profit in Gold (2011)

Sowell – Economic Facts and Fallacies (2008)

Sorkin – Too Big to Fail (2009)

Soll – The Reckoning; Financial Accountability and the Rise and Fall of Nations (2014)

Soederberg – The Politics of the New International Financial Architecture (2004)

Snider & Howard – Money Makers; Inside the New World of Finance and Business (2010)

Smithers – Wall Street Revalued; Imperfect Markets and Inept Central Bankers (2009)

Smithers – The Road to Recovery; How and Why Economic Policy Must Change (2013)

Smith – Nothing But Money; How the Mob Infiltrated Wall Street (2009)

Smil – Made in the USA; the Rise and Retreat of American Manufacturing (2013)

Sloan – Don’t Blame the Shorts; Why Short Sellers are Always Blamed for Market Crashes and How History is Repeating Itself (2010)

Skidelsky & Wigstrom (Eds.) – The Economic Crisis and the State of Economics (2010)

Sinn – The Euro Trap; On Busting Bubbles, Budgets, and Beliefs (2014)

Sinn – Casino Capitalism; How the Financial Crisis Came about and What Needs to be Done Now (2010)

Sinclair – Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic; How Microlending Lost Its Way and Betrayed the Poor (2012)

Simpson – What We Could Have Done with the Money; 50 Ways to Spend the Trillion Dollars We’ve Spent on Iraq (2008)

Simon – Beat the Crisis; Quick Solutions for Your Company (2010)

Sim – The End of Modernity; What the Financial and Environmental Crisis Is Really Telling Us (2010)

Silber – When Washington Shut Down Wall Street; The Great Financial Crisis of 1914 and the Origins of America’s Monetary Supremacy (2007)

Short – Thrifty Green; Ease Up on Energy, Food, Water, Trash, Transit, Stuff – and Everybody Wins (2011)

Shiller – The Subprime Solution (2008)

Sherman – The Roller Coaster Economy; Financial Crisis, Great Recession, and the Public Option (2010)

Sher – What Rich People Know & Desperately Want to Keep a Secret (1999)

Sheng – From Asian to Global Financial Crisis (2009)

Sheehan – Panderer to Power; the Untold Story of How Alan Greenspan Enriched Wall Street and Left a Legacy of Recession (2010)

Sharma – The Asian Financial Crisis; Crisis, Reform and Recovery (2003)

Shane – Fool’s Gold; the Truth Behind Angel Investing in America (2009)

Seymour – Against Austerity; How We Can Fix the Crisis They Made (2014)

Seredynska – Insider Dealing and Criminal Law; Dangerous Liaisons (2012)

Sedlacek – Economics of Good and Evil; the Quest for Economic Meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street (2011)

Schwartz (eds.) – Volatility; Risk and Uncertainty in Financial Markets (2011)

Schwartz (ed.) – Inflation; Causes and Effects (2009)

Schwartz & Seabrooke (eds.) – The Politics of Housing Booms and Busts (2009)

Schwartz & Seabrooke (Eds.) – The Politics of Housing Booms and Busts (2009) 2

Schwager – Market Sense and Nonsense; How Markets Really Work and How They Don’t (2013)

Schultz – Retirement Heist; How Companies Plunder and Profit from the Nest Eggs of American Workers (2011)

Schultz – Killer Politics; How Big Money and Bad Politics Are Destroying the Great American Middle Class (2010)

Schmuck – Financial Distress and Corporate Turnaround; an Empirical Analysis of the Automotive Supplier Industry (2013)

Schilit – Financial Shenanigans; How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud in Financial Reports (2010)

Schiff & Schiff – How an Economy Grows and How It Crashes (2010)

Schiff – The Real Crash; America’s Coming Bankruptcy – How to Save Yourself and Your Country (2012)

Schiff – Crash Proof; How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse (2007)

Scheinkman – Speculation, Trading, and Bubbles (2014)

Scheibeler – Merchants of Deception (2006)

Scheer – The Great American Stickup; How Reagan and Clinton Enriched Wall Street while Mugging Main Street (2010)

Schechter – The Crime of Our Time; Why Wall Street Is Not Too Big to Jail (2010)

Schechter – Squeezed; America as the Bubble Bursts (2007)

Saunders & Allen – Credit Risk Measurement In and Out of the Financial Crisis, 3e (2010)

Sauer – Selling America Short; the SEC and Market Contrarians in the Age of Absurdity (2010)

Sarkis – Fear and Greed; Investment Risks and Opportunities in a Turbulent World (2012)

Sandhu – Financial Fraud; Money Scams, Embezzlement and Swindles in Singapore (2013)

Sandel – What Money Can’t Buy; the Moral Limits of Markets (2012)

Sanchez – Destined for Failure; American Prosperity in the Age of Bailouts (2010)

Samuelson – The Great Inflation and Its Aftermath; The Past and Future of American Affluence (2008)

Sachs – Common Wealth; Economics for a Crowded Planet (2008)

Saad-Filho & Yalman (Ed.) – Economic Transitions to Neoliberalism in Middle-Income Countries (2010)

Rushkoff – Life Inc.; How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take It Back (2009)

Rubinstein – Economic Fables (2012)

Roubini & Mihm – Crisis Economics; a Crash Course in the Future of Finance (2010)

Rother – The Determinants of Currency Crises; a Political-Economy Approach (2009)

Rothbard – The Panic of 1819; Reactions and Policies (2007)

Rothbard – Power and Market; Government and the Economy (1970)

Rothbard – Making Economic Sense (1995)

Rothbard – Economic Controversies (2011)

Rothbard – America’s Great Depression (2002)

Rosenberg – The Concise Encyclopedia of the Great Recession, 2007-2000 (2010)

Rosenberg – Financial Missionaries to the World (1999)

Rolfe & Troob – Monkey Business; Swinging through the Wall Street Jungle (2000)

Rochet – Why are there So Many Banking Crises; The Politics and Policy of Bank Regulation (2007)

Robinson – Bankruptcy of Our Nation, 2e (2012)

Roberts – How the Economy Was Lost; the War of the Worlds (2009)

Rivlin – Broke, USA; from Pawnshops to Poverty, Inc.; How the Working Poor Became Big Business (2010)

Rivero – The Myth of Development; Non-Viable Economies and the Crisis of Civilization, 2nd ed. (2010)

Ritholtz – Bailout Nation; How Greed and Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street and Shock the World Economy (2009)

Rist – The Delusions of Economics; the Misguided Certainties of a Hazardous Science (2010)

Ringland – Beyond Crisis; Achieving Renewal in a Turbulent World (2010)

Richard – Confidence Game; How a Hedge Fund Manager Called Wall Street’s Bluff (2010)

Rhodes & Stelter – Accelerating Out of the Great Recession; How to Win in a Slow-Growth Economy (2010)

Reynolds & Newell – Ethics in Investment Banking (2011)

Reinhart & Rogoff – This Time is Different; Eight Centuries of Financial Folly (2009)

Reich – Beyond Outrage; What Has Gone Wrong with Our Economy and Our Democracy, and How to Fix It (2012)

Reich – Aftershock; the Next Economy and America’s Future (2010)

Rebonato – Plight of the Fortune Teller; Why We Need to Manage Financial Risk Differently (2007)

Read – The Fear Factor; What Happens When Fear Grips Wall Street (2009)

Rauchway – The Great Depression and the New Deal (2008)

Ratigan – Greedy Bastards; How We Can Stop Corporate Communists, Banksters, and Other Vampires from Sucking America Dry (2012)

Rasmus – Epic Recession Prelude to Global Depression (2010)

Ramamoorti et al – ABC’s of Behavioral Forensics; Applying Psychology to Financial Fraud Prevention and Detection (2013)

Radonjic & Kokotovic – Keynes, Minksky and Financial Crises in Emerging Markets (2014)

Quiggin – Zombie Economics; How Dead Ideas Still Walk among Us (2010)

Prychitko (Ed.) – Why Economists Disagree; an Introduction to the Alternative Schools of Thought (1998)

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Petrakis et al – European Economics and Politics in the Midst of the Crisis (2013)

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O’Callaghan – Usury, Funds, and Banks; Also Forestalling Traffick, and Monopoly (1834)

O’Connor – The Fiscal Crisis of the State (2009)

Norberg – Financial Fiasco; How America’s Infatuation with Homeownership and Easy Money Created the Economic Crisis (2009)

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Noer – Healing the Wounds; Overcoming the Trauma of Layoffs and Revitalizing Downsized Organizations (2009)

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Nicholas – Investing in Hedge Fund; Strategies for the New Marketplace (1999)

Nesvetailova – Fragile Finance; Debt, Speculation and Crisis in the Age of Global Credit (2007)

Nesvetailova – Financial Alchemy in Crisis; the Great Liquidity Illusion (2010)

Nayak – The Global Financial Crisis; Genesis, Policy Response and Road Ahead (2013)

NacNeil & O’Brien (Eds.) – The Future of Financial Regulation (2010)

Murphy – Unravelling the Credit Crunch (2009)

Muolo & Padilla – Chain of Blame; How Wall Street Caused the Mortgage and Credit Crisis (2008)

Muolo -$700 Billion Bailout; the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act and What It Means to You, Your Money .. (2009)

Munson – Rigged Money; Beating Wall Street at Its own Game (2012)

Moyo – How the West was Lost; Fifty Years of Economic Folly – And the Stark Choices Ahead (2011)

Moynihan – Financial Origami; How the Wall Street Model Broke (2011)

Motianey – Super Cycles; The New Economic Force Transforming Global Markets (2010)

Morgenson & Rosner – Reckless Endangerment; How Outsized Ambition, Greed, and Corruption Led to Economic Armageddon (2011)

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Moosa – The Myth of Too Big to Fail (2010)

Moloney – How to Protect Investors; Lessons from the EC and the UK (2010)

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Mitsopoulos & Pelagidis – Understanding the Crisis in Greece; from Boom to Bust (2011) 2

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Mills – Buy, Lie, and Sell High; How Investors Lost Out on Enron and the Internet Bubble (2002)

Miller et al – The Commercial Real Estate Revolution (2009)

Mian & Sufi – House of Debt; How They Caused the Great Recession, and How We Can Prevent It from Happening Again (2014)

Mesa-Lago – World Crisis Effects on Social Security in Latin America and the Caribbean; Lessons and Policies (2009)

Mercille – The Political Economy and Media Coverage of the European Economic Crisis; the Case of Ireland (2015)

Menschel – Markets, Mobs & Mayhem; A Modern Look At the Madness of Crowds (2002)

Mellyn – Broken Markets; a User’s Guide to the Post-Finance Economy (2012)

McTague – Crapshoot Investing; How Tech-savvy Traders and Clueless Regulators Turned the Stock Market into a Casino(2011)

McNally – Global Slump; the Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance (2011)

Mclean & Nocera – All the Devils are Here; the Hidden History of the Financial Crisis (2010)

McLean & Nocera – All the Devils are here; the Hidden History of the Financial Crisis (2010) 2

McLean & Elkind – The Smartest Guys in the Room; the Amazing Rise and Scandalous Fall of Enron (2004)

McElvaine – The Great Depression; America, 1929-1941 (2009)

McCleskey – When Free Markets Fail; Saving the Market When It Can’t Save Itself (2010)

McClellan – Full of Bull; Unscramble Wall Street Doubletalk to Protect and Build Your Portfolio (2010)

McCarty et al – Political Bubbles; Financial Crisis and the Failure of American Democracy (2013)

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Lin et al – National Intellectual Capital and the Financial Crisis in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela (2014)

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Lim – Money Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make (2004)

Lilley – Dirty Dealing; The Untold Truth About Global Money Laundering, International Crime and Terrorism (2006)

Lhabitant – Hedge Funds; Myths and Limits (2002)

Lewitt – The Death Of Capital; How Creative Policy Can Restore Stability (2010)

Lewis – Where Keynes Went Wrong, and Why World Governments Keep Creating Inflation, Bubbles, and Busts (2011)

Lewis – The Big Short; a True Story (2011)

Lewis – How Much Money Does an Economy Need; Solving the Central Economic Puzzle of Money, Prices, and Jobs (2007)

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Lepler – The Many Panics of 1837; People, Politics, and the Creation of a Transatlantic Financial Crisis (2013)

Lepatner – Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets; How to Fix America’s Trillion-Dollar Construction Industry (2007)

Leopold – How to Make a Million Dollars an Hour; Why Hedge Funds Get Away with Siphoning Away America’s Wealth (2013)

Lemieux – Somebody in Charge; A Solution to Recessions (2011)

Lehman – Independent Accounts; The Possibilities for Auditor Independence in the Age of Financial Scandal (2007)

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crash course the american automobile

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