A (tiny) victory against tobacco in the European Union.

Today was a nice day if you think that dissuading EU citizens to smoke is a major step towards better health in the EU and less medical collateral costs for the member states ‘ health public system. A vote on a decision to increase the size of warning on tobacco boxes and a regulation of e-cigarets was at stake. The MEP’s decided to increase the size of such warning to 65% of the whole box and decided to apply the tobacco rules governing sales and distribution/production to e-cigarets too.

Unfortunately, if a mandate is not awarded to the MEP in charge of this vote, we can be afraid that no new directive will be effective, at least not before the next european elections.

This is important to me, because when I was a child, I suffered a lot to see and breath my parent’s smoke and that’s also why I never started smoking even though I tried when I was in High School.

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