Application number 2

I applied to work with Imperial tobacco Ltd, an important EU lobby about Tobacco.

This is my cover letter :

I worked recently on the tobacco directive (directive 2014/40/EU of the European parliament and of the council of 3 April 2014 concerning the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products and repealing Directive 2001/37/EC) through an event’s organization. My aim was to create a game where citizens have to guess the link between European parliament amendments and political groups. I am also aware of its translation into French law by the French ministry of health and our minister Marisol Touraine. I deeply regret the “spill-over effect” of the French choice to increase even further the size of sanitary warnings on cigarette boxes (compared to the EU directive demands) as well as continuously increasing taxes and think it can impacts badly global sells and foster the underground and black market with potentially significant issues for public health.

Highly interested in the private sector and its dynamism compared to public institutions, I used to work with the administration of the EP and its committees and my supervisor, Pekka Hakala, praised me for my quick adaptive skills. Given my studies background I also know how the EC is working and their internal organization. I know several MEPs both from the PPE and SD groups from several countries (mostly France and to a less extent Romania), or at least I know their assistants (job interviews, request for information or meetings) Given my follow-up of committees when I was working in the EP, I am fully aware of the news and actual developments of several committees because I sometimes attend them online and because I always keep track of EU affairs through my subscription to Politico weekly newspaper (ex. European Voice). I can try to use my political contacts to do lobbying for the tobacco industry since I am sure that every action is registered within the transparency register of the EC and the EP register. I do think lobbying is not a bad way to share and spread views because you can get access to EU building for every claim or topic (even homelessness or disability). Citizens can be fully aware of lobbying budgets and infer their influence on EU laws because they are provided the tools to do so.

Given my prior experience as an editor, I can also do desktop publishing, task planning, managing an important quantity of emails. I often translate EN/FR and FR/EN on my website about finance ( and benefit from a high level of literacy about social networks such as Facebook and Twitter or CMS such as WordPress or Joomla. Working within an important lobby in Brussels will be a positive experience and a nice way to approach the private sector, especially on a subject I do care about.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further question, you can reach me by email anytime within business hours and I will be delighted to attend an interview soon.


Dear friends, what do you think of my english written skills ?

I wrote about the tobacco directive there and there.

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