Aller Anfang ist schwer. Anfang ist anfang ! — Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm Körte

This is a tribute to an episode of Mr robot (American TV show) where a seemingly German senior officer of E-Corp is speaking to Eliott in the lift on their way to the office early in the morning. This is the beginning of the working day and obviously he is telling to Eliott that “to begin is easy, to last is an art”, a German proverb. It appears to be a proverb from Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm Körte and the sentence in German is “Aller Anfang ist schwer. Anfang ist anfang.”

I have been watching this TV show for three years and obviously its quality is very high, especially regarding the way it is conceived and how it appeared to the screen (use of frames, music). Episode 5 of season 3 is incredibly realistic in its violence. I remember very well being shocked by the violent assault of E-Corp’s offices the first time I watched the fifth episode of third season.

Violence is and has always been a part of life. To be exhaustive there is first of all  words and speech  then law, and at the end violence and strenght.

Law is a tool to master violence within societies and human interactions. Law is not really a mean to protect the weak neither it is for the powerful ones, first of all it’s sometimes made by powerful and wealthy nations. On a second hand it’s always an element in front of strenght. And violence can of course bypass law.

Think about the UN. The UN and more broadly international public law, humanitarian law are jokes. The real thing that matters is money and its correlate : strenght. Wars can be declared out of the blue when you’re the USA and it doesn’t matter if international law forbid it.

A lot of scenes from Mr robot are -according to me- pieces of art. I am not surprised the TV show was conceived by a son of immigrants born in the US to be precise. An American with Egyptian descent. I tend to think that immigrants (when combined with good education basis) are more smart than natives most of the time. Many businesses are created by immigrants. And well, the most powerful state in the world is a country of immigrants.

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