mon CV (in English)

Voici quelques éléments en anglais sur mon expérience professionnelle et associative :

General secretary of the European parliament, directorate general for external relations of the EU, policy department, BRUSSELS (Belgium)

  • ▪  In collaboration with Pekka Hakala, Finnish European administrator, and Anna Caprile, Spanish administrator, redaction of several internal reports (country fact sheet, country briefing and regional briefing) both in English or French, about central Africa countries for DEVE and AFET European parliament committees. Close work with the election observation unit of the European parliament, DG EXPO and several officials from the European commission.
  • ▪  Intensive work with Cristian Preda, Romanian MEP, election observation unit of the European union to the Republic of Cote d’Ivoire’s chief observer, including his assistants.
  • ▪  Use of databases from the IMF, the world bank, the UN and several international organisations in order to write EP reports, mainly on economic and political situations of ACP (Afrique-Caraïbe- Pacifique) countries.
  • ▪  Use of the EIU(EconomistIntelligenceUnit), and “Globalinsight” reports for the economic and statistical part of reports.

    Urban and cultural free monthly magazine “Le Manufactureur”, LYON (France)

    • ▪  Creation and administration of a 10.000 copies magazine from 2005/2006 to 2008/2009,printed in colour in Barcelona (Spain). Active recruitment (stands – oral interventions within local universities – associative events participation) of approximately one hundred volunteers . Training, and management of a team composed of up to 14 members. Recruitment, training and management of a paid volunteer through the national student network “Animafac” during 9 months.
    • ▪  Commercial market research to private and public schools and universities, small and medium companies to finance the publication and the association activities (approximately 1500 Euros per issue and 8000 Euros per year). Market research for partnerships with private, public and non lucrative entities (LCL French bank, EM’Lyon business school, IGS management and human
    • ▪  Redaction coordination and management, and desktop-publishing. Creation and management of our website. QuarkXPress desktop publishing software, Photoshop, Joomla CMS.


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